Online Bill Pay

Property Taxes

 Pay your property taxes online.

Utility Bill Payments:

Quarterly Online (Checking or Savings Account)
Utility bills can be paid each quarter through a free online service; Payment Service Network (PSN). A confirmation e-mail will be sent following each payment. Within the user profile of your online account you can decide whether or not to store your bank information. Simply create a secure online account at PSN. Visit the Payment Service Network (PSN) to get started.

Automatic Check Handling (ACH) Payments (Checking or Savings Account)
Utility bills can be paid through automatic draft service. Through bank drafting, your quarterly utility bill is withdrawn automatically on the due date from your checking or savings account. You will continue to receive a quarterly statement showing your current charges. Because payment is automatic there are no late penalty fees or postage costs. If interested in payment through the automatic draft service, please complete the ACH form and return to the Water and Sewer Utilities Division of the Public Works Department. This form needs to be updated if your banking information changes.