I Want To ...

  1. Apply for a Job

    Find information pertinent to applying for a job.

  2. Apply for a License

    Find out how and where to apply for various city licenses.

  3. Contact Department Staff

    Get in touch with our staff.

  4. Find Property Information

    Locate where available properties are in the Middleton area.

  5. Have an Event in the City

  6. Register for Recreation Programs

    Get involved by taking part in one of our many recreational programs.

  7. Report a Concern

    Look out for your neighbors and fellow citizens and report problems before they become catastrophes.

  8. Reserve a Shelter/Facility

    Get the details on how to reserve shelters and facilities within the Middleton parks system.

  9. Sign up for Water & Sewer

    Receive information on how to sign up for water and sewer service at your home or business.

  10. View City Events

    See upcoming, current and past events in and around your area.

  11. View City Maps

    View City Maps

  12. Volunteer

    View the details about volunteering in Middleton.

  13. Vote

    Find out where, when and how to vote no matter where you live.